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GREEN BURIAL NEWS, British Columbia
Breaking Ground

Penticton Lakeview Cemetery

Penticton Lakeview Cemetery has created a green burial area in native Okanagan grassland
Len Robson, Public Works Manager at the City of Penticton confirmed that they have included a “green burial” section in their most recent upgrades and expansion of the Lakeview Cemetery. Mr Robson says they hope to have all of the bylaw changes in place and the section open to the public early in 2018. 

Green Burial in Cache Creek

The Village of Cache Creek Municipal Cemetery is located at 1290 Stage Road. Current interment options include traditional burials for both human and cremated remains, a columbarium, scattering garden as well as an environmentally conscious green burial section.

Powell River Regional Cemetery

A simpler version of green burial is offered in Powell River where bodies can be buried in a field at Powell River Regional Cemetery. Individual graves are not marked, but a plaque with a loved one’s name is placed at the entrance to the meadow.

“After decades of denying our mortality, (North) Americans are starting to accept, if not embrace, this fundamental fact of biology: that the natural end of all life is decomposition and decay. Instead of fighting it at almost all cost as we have for the better part of the last century — with toxic chemicals, bulletproof metal caskets, and the concrete bunker that is the burial vault, all of which will only delay, not halt, the inevitable — we’re finally seeing the wisdom of allowing Mother Nature to run her natural course.” 1  
1. Mark Harris, Grave Matters: A Journey through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial (New York: Scribner, 2007), 186.

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